Your Soul is Talking Are You Listeneing?

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Soul Statement Life purpose is a phrase that is often over used and misunderstood. It’s not a destination, a job, a relationship, or any single thing at all. It’s really an expression of your soul, a soul purpose. Your soul purpose is the guiding light for this journey we call life. It’s the lens through which we filter our dreams, goals, and actions. We take actions to achieve our goals which help us realize our dreams. Your life purpose is your souls call for fulfillment. It is the foundation we use to create our talent for living.


With out it life often feels fuzzy and unfocused, the goals we set seem elusive and unsatisfying if met. It’s as if we set out on a hike and don’t know how to read the compass that we have to guide us. Finding your soul purpose isn’t a long ,drawn out, difficult process. It’s really pretty straight forward, though may take some tweaking over time and  expressing it will take  some practice.


Set aside 30 – 60 minutes and work through the following questions


  1. Who am I? list at least 10 unique attributes that truly reflect the real you.


  1. What am I most passionate about? Passion and purpose go hand and hand, write down everything that comes to mind and circle those with a strong emotional charge when you feel like you have no more write 10 more(hint go back to the ones you circled and move from there)



  1. What were the 3 most fulfilling moments in my life and why. Write the moments that you felt completely connected, fully alive, and energized.


Look over your lists and star any common words, feelings, or themes. Take these and all the circled items from your passion list and begin to form a soul statement or vision statement. I’ve included mine below.



To live consciously and in integrity, to vibrate with joy and peace, to inspire choice within others, and to foster a community of acceptance.


Notice the patterns in this soul statement align with my overall concept of reality:


to live consciously – aware and actively integrating all parts of my Self


and in integrity –  walking my talk,congruency,  a virtue required to pursue conscious growth and to be joyful


to vibrate with joy –  my sense of connectedness, oneness, and well being, a feeling of eager anticipation and wonder for each moment as it unfolds and sharing this grateful delight


and peace –  the serenity that comes from being in harmony with Self and the Divine


to inspire choice within others –  illuminating the ability to choose a higher level of consciousness/awareness, which opens the door for  them to shine their light


and foster a community of acceptance – to accept each individual as whole and the knowledge that we are all one


Posting your soul statement where you see it regularly can help you to apply it to everyday life and imbue a sense of ease and flow into even the most mundane moments. I would love to hear your soul statement share it below

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