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It seems like and innocent little conjunction, three little letters can’t really have that much power…..or can they?

But is most often used as a way to exclude something or introduce doubt. It presents an either or situation.  Example: I want dessert but it’s too many calories .There is also the subconscious buts that exclude us from our dreams and goals. These buts are tied to your belief system, so they really are little gifts for  discovery and healing. Example: I want a successful business….but it will take too much time, …but I’m not really business minded etc.

By changing the language you use you shift the energy. Example: I want dessert and  I’m committed to honoring my body.  I want a successful business and I can define success on my terms.  Both the examples are more expansive and allow the room for possibility. Rather than close us down it opens up the flow for opportunity.

Let’s try this little experiment, be very aware of your wording and each time you use the word ‘but’ rephrase it to a more expansive form, just like the examples above.  When I did this a couple of weeks ago I was very surprised at the number of times I shut myself down and by the end of the week I had moved through a major energy block that had been resisting shifting.

So I invite you to join the experiment and share your rephrases in the comment section below to inspire others.


  1. I used to use the word ‘but’ a lot, BUT (tee hee) I got into the habit of using ‘and’ instead. It does make me stop and think.

  2. Valorie ,
    I agree, it does take awareness of an issue to take a different path.
    Thanks for sharing

    Be Inspired,
    .-= Cathy´s last blog ..Yeah But…… =-.

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