What’s Your Olympic Gold?

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olympic medal

It all started as a curiosity and a willingness to try, a seed. One that was nurtured with love and determination and a willingness to keep trying, to keep expanding the vision until it became the Big Vision of Olympic Gold.

That’s how it is with our dreams. We start with a curiosity and feed it… or not. So often instead of being willing to fly, to nurture the seed of our dreams, we let fear step in and “keep us safe”. We ignore the quiet self voice inside that says “yes you can” and listen to the critic that says “it’s impossible, who do you think you are?”

Lets turn up the volume on the quiet self and turn down the volume on the critic so we can shine our light and really make a difference iin this world. What’s ONE thing you can do today or this week to move one step closer to your dream?

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