What’s Your Happy Score?

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Happiness is composed of 5 elements

  1. Positive Emotion
  2. Accomplishment
  3. Meaning
  4. Flow
  5. Connection

     Each of these elements is important. The key is that they are each pursued for their own sake, an internal pull rather than an external motivator, no dangling carrot here. Each element contributes to the core happiness and well being of the person. Here is the kicker it’s not a rigid list to be strictly adhered to and checked off, because just like us it’s highly individualized. What gives me meaning may well be different from what meaning is for you. That’s really good news. After all, the rigid rules and expectations have not increased happiness, rather overall happiness levels have decreased in the past ten years.

      Let’s take a look behind the scenes for each element – be on the look out for areas that you can boost to increase your overall happiness. Often a small change can yield big results.

      Positive emotion is a sense of life satisfaction, good feelings like hope, courage, appreciation, curiosity, peace, ease, etc. A general feeling of internal happiness. Alone this may feel hollow or empty but combined with the other elements provides a deeper lasting level of happiness.

      Accomplishment is about growth and expanding who you are as a person. Reaching a level of mastery in an area, trying new things, and expanding how you experience the world bring about a sense of purpose that is a key element of happiness.

      Connecting to something larger than yourself is at the core of Meaning. This can be a commitment to a spiritual practice, a religion, or a cause. Actively engaging and being of service provides meaning in our lives and is a critical element in the happiness equation.

      Tapping in to Flow, that state of being fully engaged in the present moment with what you are doing, everything else seems to slip away and time feels suspended. Having experiences, whether it’s a project, an artistic endeavor, deep conversation, or work that regularly induces a state of flow amplifies the other elements.

 Wherever you land on the introvert/extrovert scale, Connection with other people is a basic human need. How you go about satisfying that need is fueled by your introvert/extrovert disposition? Positive interaction with other people is a strong element of happiness, the emphasis is on positive. Negative or draining relationships can be detrimental. This is where good boundaries are important.

 If you were to score yourself 0 – 20 points for each element where would you be? Highest? Lowest? What is one thing you can do today to shift it? Share in the comments below



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