What’s Soul Got to Do With it?

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I woke to a series of 5am beeps, texts from my youngest daughter away at college in Connecticut. An excited phone call followed, she had been chosen for a highly competitive summer research program at Carnegie Mellon University. Along with the excitement was a note of relief in her voice, her summer had concrete plans.

     A couple of hours later she called again (those of you with college kids know how rare that is) her voice a few octaves higher she told me she had just gotten a call awarding her a research grant for the summer. It was unheard of for an undergraduate student to be awarded this type of grant.  Just before we hung up she said “not too bad, I just had an eight thousand dollar day”.

That got me thinking. When I moved to the west coast I took on some contract work in the nursing field, while not my passion it would give me some security as I transitioned from one coast to the other and grew a new client base. While it did provide some security it took significantly more time and energy than I had anticipated making it difficult to grow my business.

The contract expires in a few weeks. The morning I got that call I was wrestling with the fear of giving up the steady dependable cash flow of the contract work and trusting that there would be enough of a cash flow in my business to support me.  As I was tumbling around on the fear trust wrestling mat my daughters’ words reminded me of the synchronicity and bounty of the law of divine compensation.

Wrestling between fear and trust isa classic struggle.  Sometimes fear pins us down and immobilizes us, other times trust gives us the wings to move forward fearlessly, and more often than not it’s a blend of both. We dance around the ring in an intricate power play of who gets to lead.

I was asked to extend the contract the next day, I trusted. I listened to my gut. I said no. I will no doubt do a few more rounds on the fear/trust wrestling mat, but for today trust wins.

       I often use affirmations to break patterns and help me remember to lean into trust. The one that emerged for me here was My security is my connection to Source.  Source has infinite channels of support. I am open to receiving in expected and unexpected ways.  
     When was the last time you leaned into trust or felt pinned down by fear? How did you navigate through it?

I would love to hear from you  join the conversation below 🙂

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  1. Reading your blog just played the right tune for me. I love your bold trust and I love being led by your daughter. Faith and fear are the same coin. We navigate from one to the other. We get to choose what side we stay on. I have been practicing growing my faith and it feels so good. It has grown a whole new vista for me and its looking good!
    We are on the same journey and I feel so blessed that you offer these blogs. Thanks.

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