What to Do When Time Comes Crashing Down!

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We think of  and experience time in a linear fashion. It’s a finite resource, after all each year we get 525,600 minutes, that’s it, no excess  minute bank or depository where we can store them for later use. This sense of not enough time can really constrict your energy flow, it’s like static on a radio station making it difficult to tune in and get in alignment.

I get still caught up in this from time to time and have to take a step back to reevaluate. The somewhat breathless feeling of can’t quite get there and the ever so deflating feeling of ‘not quite good enough’ as I peruse the long list of ‘undone’ things on my list, surely everyone else must always complete their lists.

What if we looked at it differently, not merely as a linear  progression but as an energetic structure that we get to define.  Like a glass that is the structure for holding liquid time is the structure that holds our experiences. Just like  a glass that comes in many different shapes and sizes, time can be shaped to hold our experiences.

When we mark the vacation on our calendar  we create the energetic and physical space for it to occur in our reality. There are different phases anticipation, planning, experiencing, and memories  all contained in this structure. We have the choice to experience these as rushed, relaxed, exciting and yes most definitely it is a choice.

For many of us there is a perpetual audio loop running in our minds  of “not enough time”.   Debunking the ‘not enough time’ loop is definitely an achievable goal. The  3 major parts of the loop are:

Over Scheduling – creating a structure that’s too small for the purpose you created it for, like pouring 8 oz of coffee into a 4 oz mug. Allow enough space in your structure.

Rigid Guidelines – we have a sense of rigidity when it comes to  time, while time frames can be helpful  we often use them as blunt objects to beat ourselves with. You know the whole I should  have done….. Relaxing into time and allowing some flexibility allows you to get more of what really matters done.

Right Timing – As long as you’re alive you will never be done, there will always be more to do, and that’s okay it’s how we expand and grow. So why not focus on Being and enjoy the process. When we line up our energy and tune in to right timing we can move more elegantly and efficiently.

Time is valuable why not relax into it like you would a fine wine,(or in my case some good dark chocolate) and allow yourself to enjoy it rather than rushing through, you won’t get more that 525,600 minutes each year but they will be a heck of a lot more enjoyable.

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