What is a Money Energy Print?

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Money evokes a myriad of reactions,  especially when connected to spiritual or  healing work. It is consistently in the top 3 concerns for most  people( health and relationships are the other two).

There are universal concerns about ‘enough’ regardless of income level, as well as a swirling mix  of  judgment and shame.

Each of us  has an energetic ‘DNA’  encoded in our energy system  this energetic blueprint supports  our  perceptions in all areas of  our life including money and its meaning to us.

Money is an area that, even though all of us  interact with it regularly, is not openly discussed.   There is a cloak of secrecy that surrounds it . This secrecy provides  fertile  ground for old programming encoded in our energy print to continue to run. Even if the old programming is  not congruent with our current reality, hopes, and dreams. In order to create new  experiences  new  patterns must be created and old ones released.

There are many ways to do this, the  key is in identifying the old programming then anchoring the new  while releasing the old. Understanding your unique dynamic comes into play here, a cookie cutter approach will not have lasting effects. Any technique that is used must be  fine tuned to your specific money consciousness.

I would love to have you join the conversation on the Energy of Money call.

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