What Can Martha Stewart Teach You About Sex Appeal?

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How to Bring Sexy Back at any ageWhat if – You could bring your sexy back with out losing a pound?

Research shows – Sex appeal is 60 % attitude. That’s right, how you feel about how you look is far more important than how you measure up against some ideal.

We all know that the image the media portrays of beautiful and sexy is unachievable for 98% of the population. As we age breasts sag, wrinkles form, bellies get softer, and cellulite shows her cheeky dimples. It’s all part of the natural aging process. We fight it tooth and nail, or should I say nip and tuck, then berate ourselves for not measuring up. We act as if our bodies have betrayed us when, in fact, it is quite the opposite.

Last week I was listening to three thirty something male DJ’s on the radio. They were responding to the trivia question ‘True or False Martha Stewart is 73 years old’. All three men were sure the answer was no because she was “too hot” to be that old. They were wrong she is indeed 73.

Now I have to admit I was surprised to hear them say she was hot, until I thought about it for a minute. Martha Stewart is very confident, very sure of herself, and at ease in her body. That level of comfort in her own skin translated to ‘hot’ to the three men. I asked some of my male friends and sure enough they found it incredibly sexy for a woman to be comfortable in her own skin.

How you feel about your body makes a huge impact on how others perceive you. Your feelings of insecurity and dislike draws attention to the imperfections that you perceive in yourself.

Learning to love and accept your body exactly as it is, dramatically changes the way you show up. It’s palpable. Shifting perception takes some effort. Try the integration tip to make it work for you.

 rose colored glasses


  • Each day focus on a body part – a great time to do this is in the shower
  • Look at the chosen body part and admire, appreciate, and express gratitude for what it does for you – start with a body part that doesn’t give you a lot of angst
  • Keep working through your whole body. It’s a process so keep at it

Last year I was all grumbly about my belly. Bellies after 50 take on a whole different shape. I worked through this process coming to appreciate the soft curves, gentle roundness, the space that grew and birthed my 4 children, the home of the second chakra the seat of creativity, and began referring to it as my creative goddess belly. That feels good to me.

What feels relevant to you about this? Share your thoughts below.

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