Vibrational Resonance

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Soul StatementWe are all vibrational beings, a never ending symphony of movement. Most of which cannot be seen by the naked eye (yet). The tempo of that movement is your vibrational resonance. It’s your own personal unique song permeating your energetic as well as your physical body.

     What you experience in your life is a result of vibrational resonance, the physical evidence of your unique song. This is why your thoughts are such a powerful force. When you tune in to what you want rather that what you don’t want you are effectively choosing what you want to create. Here are a couple quick and effective tuning techniques, I would  love to hear yours.

Affirm – begin with an affirmation that feels like a stretch but is believable to you. Repeat it at least 10 times a day this sets the energy in motion to experience it in your physical reality.

Visualize – use your imagination and vividly imagine what you want to attract, be sure to really tap into the feeling. What does it look like, feel like, taste, how will you be in relationship with this experience. Let this ‘movie’ roll through your head a few times a day.

Breathe – Focus on your breath inhale the feeling of what you desire and exhale any resistance. You would  be surprised how much resistance you may be holding and how your breath will reveal it to you.

Write – write the story of what it is you are creating with you as the main character , write as if it has already occurred , then read it aloud every day for at least 21 days.

Chakra – tap into the energy of your chakras. Identify which chakra the energy of what you desire is located in(visit www.inspiredsoulalliance.comfor more info) and intentionally balance the energy of that chakra each morning and night.

Intention – set an intention to take 1 action daily towards what you want to manifest. Make that action the first thing you do each day.

Talk to yourself – leave messages for yourself, notes, email, text messages and voicemail. Congratulate yourself as if what you desire has already occurred.

     These are a few methods you can use  to move toward vibrational resonance. A minimum of 21 days are needed to affect the neuropathways in the brain to support a new state of vibration. Commit to a practice for at least that long for the highest success. Do you have a favorite technique for tuning your vibrational resonance? I would love hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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