Here’s Where Most People Get Stuck

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20150424_170103When is the last time you belly laughed, sang out loud, danced with abandon, had a smile twinkle in your eyes?

If your answer wasn’t today, why? What are you waiting for? This awe filled, crazy making, right side up, upside down life is yours to create what you will with.

What do you want to create?

No excuses. No yeah but. No that’s only for other people (not someone like me). No it’s not the right time.

Check all of that baggage at the gate. (I promise if you still want it you can pick it up later)

Today I challenge you to do:

  • Something that makes you smile all the way into your eyes.
  • Something that tickles your fancy and laughter bubbles up like a geyser.
  • Something that has your hips swinging, feet moving, and shoulders shimmying. Something that has the off key, joy filled, song erupts from your heart.

Watch what happens. In your own body – tension will ease, things look brighter, you feel a little lighter, there is a bounce in your step, life feels easier (it’s not meant to be hard, we just make it that way), your brain chemistry shifts, your more likely to see positive things, encounter positive people, and that problem you’ve been wrestling with some how the solution pops into your mind.

It sounds silly I know but it works. Sometimes we get so caught up in the responsibilities and expectations of everyday life we forget. We forget who we are. We forget how to have fun. We forget that happiness is our natural state of being.

When the last day comes I’m sure you won’t look back and say I wish I had worked more hours, ran a few more errands, spent more time with crabby people, shoulder more responsibility, or did more of what everyone else expected.

I know I want to settle in and sigh contentedly knowing it was a great ride, a life well lived.

What are you waiting for? Share what you do in the comments below



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