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What:    One of the core components of happiness is growth, and you can’t grow without change, and most of us have some resistance to change.  A bit of a riddle isn’t it?
Why:  Each day we undergo massive changes. “Behind the scenes” our cells, our energy, and our thoughts are continually changing. We perceive ourselves as static. Nothing could be further from the truth.
      Our thoughts change, rapidly moving from one thing to the next, processing internal and external stimuli ….. anyone who’s new to meditation will attest to this.         
      Our energy field is in constant flux adjusting and fine tuning. It’s why we get gut reactions and intuition.
      Our bodies contain about ten trillion individual cells. While each type of cell regenerates at a different rate, on average based on cell age, our body is between eleven and fifteen years old. That’s a lot of change.
     So why do we get all tangled up with change? What are we so afraid of? Getting it wrong? What if there is no wrong, you simply (mind you, I didn’t say it was always easy) choose again?
     Abraham Hicks calls this contrast “the recognition of what you don’t want so you can better focus on what you do want.”
 It really is brilliant. Not buying it?  Look back 10 years. Are you focused on the same things in the same way? Have you ever tried something thinking it was just what you wanted only to find out it wasn’t a good fit for you?
We are not static beings. Growth, change, and expansion, it’s part of our human experience. Learning to be friends with change is one of the best gifts you can give  yourself and others.
Integration: This month as you go about your holiday preparations, ask these questions:
Am I enjoying this?
Is this meaningful to me? Why?
Is it time to give this up or tweak it to better fit who I am now?
Let me know how you like it and if you have  any questions or pondering you would like to see answered.




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