Themes, Words, and The Art of Moving Forward

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Each year I choose a theme/power word for the year the last three years have been ‘F’ words…. No not that word…. Fun, Focus, and Flourish. This year it took some time to land on a word. It finally settled in last week, not a single word but a trio of words – Envision, Engage, and Express.

My intention is to create my life on purpose (envision experience what ever is present (engage) and be my authentic self (express).


One of the keystones for this is mindfulness. There has been some media attention recently around mindfulness it has some serious merit. Mindfulness helps you get out of your head into the experience of the moment. There is an innate reconnection with your Self and universal oneness and that’s a very sweet spot to be in.


Mindfulness makes you more aware of context and perspective and allows you to respond rather than react to events in your life. It also changes your brain chemistry and enhances positive emotion. It’s not so much something you do but more of a state of being, of being open, going with the flow and experiencing the moment.


This is a challenge for me at times because I love the big picture and the realm of possibilities. I hold the space for this really well but it often has me in future surfing mode, riding the wave of what could be. Don’t get me wrong this is a valuable skill it’s one of the things that makes me a great coach and an effective leader. But when it comes to achieving goals it can get in the way of taking action.


Before I claim my theme/power word for the year I review the previous year, looking at:

  1. Where I started and where I currently am
  2. Assess what worked
  3. Assess what didn’t work
  4. What I can cull out that no longer fits
  5. How to celebrate my journey


I had a major goal that I didn’t even come close to reaching. I wanted a closer look at why (after the self-recrimination–yup we all have some version of that). What it boiled down to was being present, being mindful. When I stay present and tuned in I take consistent action forward.


When I don’t I get caught up in the future. It’s great to dream, after all thoughts become things and immersing yourself in something creates the energetic blueprint for it. (Sadly this works with worrying too)


It can cause overwhelm and inaction. This is especially true if you have a big dream or and unclear one. The gap between your reality and that dream can feel huge plunging you into the deep freeze of ‘I have no freakin idea how I am going to get there!’

Staying present in the moment helps you take all the little steps needed to get there. That builds momentum and you’ll end up getting there faster than you think (and with far less stress)


I’ve set a timer on my Fit bit to remind to stop, breathe and tune in to the moment at hand. I certainly feel more centered and it seems to be helping me get things done more efficiently.


What do you do to prepare for a New Year?  Do you have a word or theme? I would love to hear your experiences in the comments below.

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