The Energy of Clutter

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It’s in there somewhere covered with piles of paper, the desk, the one you’ve not seen so for so long forgotten what it looks like.  The folder you need is nowhere to be found.  You’re sure you have an appointment today if you could just find in the hundreds of emails in your inbox so you can check the time.  The phone rings and as you reach for it, your coffee spills, not the way you intended to start your day.

We all know how hard it is to work with a cluttered workspace.  You can’t find things, it feels chaotic, and you just don’t work very efficiently.   What’s happening here in the physical is a reflection of your energetic space as well.


The external is often a mirror for the internal, so all that external clutter very likely means you’ve got a whole bunch of internal clutter, energetic resistance that’s interrupting your flow.  But how do you know?  And really, what can you do about it anyway?

Try this:

  • Take a look at an area in your life where you’re feeling stuck or struggling.  That’s the external clutter.
  • Then set aside 15 minutes to write out all of your frustrations, fears, and desires for the area that you kept.  Anything and everything that comes up for you.
  • Then take a deep breath and allow all of those emotions removed for you.  Just imagine them as if they are floating down a river that flows right down your spine and allow them to flow right out into the sea where they’re neutralized.  {An alternative to this would be to use a whiteboard and write all your frustrations there and then erase them.}
  • Now, allow back into your mind what it is that you truly desire.  Notice if there are any fears or limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging habits that pop up.  And if they do, just let them flow out like in the step before this.  And keep doing this until you’ve got a nice, clear stream flowing.

What you’ve just done is clear up some energetic ‘clutter’. Very often when you finish this exercise, you’ll find that you really want to get that clutter cleared out of the way in the physical as well.






  1. Haha. I woke up down today. You’ve ceheerd me up!

  2. Hi –
    I have a question re the clutter exercise mentioned in “The Energy of Clutter.”

    When you say “write out all of your frustrations, fears, and desires for the area that you kept,” what does the “area that you kept” refer to?” Thanks.

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