The Energy of Being

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We are all spiritual energetic beings yet so often we forget the energy of being. The day to day routines, busyness, and ‘shoulds’  keep us disconnected. In day to day life with all that we do how do we keep the connection to our essence?


When we are in meditation or removed in some way from our day to day life we can often connect with our inner stillness, the essence of who we are and allow it to permeate our energy field.  Once we mix in the husband, children, job, life in general the connection fades.  As our energy field absorbs the energy around us; the roles we’ve defined for ourselves, the beliefs we hold, and the energy of others it’s easy to slip into the state of doing without conscious awareness of being.


We forget that as spiritual energetic beings we can experience the external without becoming it. We become attached to outcomes, circumstances, and ways of doing. When we become attached we limit the possibilities, narrow the field of vision. By attached I mean needing it to be just so, and excluding other possibilities.


There is an old parable floating around that goes something like this: There is a great flood and a man prays to God be saved from certain death, a row boat comes by and the man says “No, I’m waiting for God”, same thing happens with the rescue boat, and then a helicopter. The man drowns and when he gets to the pearly gates says “God why didn’t you rescue me?” God replies “I sent a row boat, a rescue boat, and a helicopter what else did you want?”


Having a preference for something is not attachment .The man in the parable was attached to how he would be rescued.  A preference for say, yellow flowers does not mean all flowers need to be yellow, simply that you like them better.


When we step into the energy of being we open the door to possibilities that we may never have even dreamed of.  When we are in the energy of being we are tuned in to the essence of who we are.  This essence does not have the constraints of limiting beliefs, attachments, or preconceived roles to play.


Awareness is the first step to staying in the energy of being.  Becoming aware you can bring your conscious attention back to the present moment, and step out of doing and into being. Using your breath is a great tool to stay in the energy of being.  Taking the time to focus on your breathing brings your attention back to the present moment and energy of being.  Consciously taking three deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling through your nose, periodically throughout the day will help you stay in the energy of being.


This at first seems to be a narrowing of focus, what it does is expand the possibility in ways that doing alone cannot access. Expressing the essence of who you are is a powerful and inspiring act, one that has a ripple effect. Will you add your ripple to the pond of life?


  1. I like the efforts you have put in this, appreciate it for all the great posts.

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    • It’s not been an issue for others. Sorry it is for you.

  3. Even though I really like this post, I think there was an spelling error shut to the end of your 3rd paragraph.

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