Tequila, Bikinis, and Vows

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rose colored glassesI’m in Mexico for my friend Tawnyas wedding. It’s my first destination wedding. Getting to know the other people close to the bride and groom has been a treat adding a deeper layer of witnessing to the ceremony.
It’s also given me some much-needed down time (I had forgotten how delightful it was to simply sit by the pool and read).  As I wrote a short piece to read for the wedding it brought up what commitment meant to me and had me pause to re-affirm what I wanted to commit to in my life.
I’ve including what I will be reading in a couple of hours at the wedding. It’s written with the commitment of marriage in mind. I encourage you to tweak it and apply it to other areas in your life like relationships, career, and parenting.
Ask yourself these questions:
Is this a commitment that is in alignment with my values?
Am I willing to affirm or re-affirm this commitment?
Does this commitment support the best in/of me?
Tawnya and Geoff
When two people commit to the bond of marriage they honor their love and promise to hold it sacred.
 It is a commitment to see the best in each other holding the space for that potential to unfold.
There is growth and sharing that enhances and supports all aspects of life.  There is understanding and forgiveness that allows for mistakes and misunderstandings. 
It is a place to be fully seen for all that you are and are not and loved anyway. Joining together as husband and wife, you enhance each other yet remain intact in who you are.
May you need one another, but not out of weakness.
May you want one another, but not out of lack.
May you appreciate one another, but not out of duty.
May you find happiness in each others joy.
May you hold each other close even when far apart.
May love bloom eternally as you celebrate each other.



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