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Have you noticed lately the abundance of spiritual buzzwords that are being used to describe many offerings? Initially I got that “Oooh good! Here is someone who’s on the same page as me” feeling only to discover much to my dismay that for many  the words were the only ‘spiritual’ part of the product  or service.

As we evolve consciously, ushering a new paradigm more and more people join the tribe. They are willing to share their truths and experiences, the spiritual  or woo-woo taboo is being lifted.  People are actively seeking ways to expand and apply spiritual principles in a grounded practical way.

During a conversation with friend and colleague Lissa Boles a few weeks ago , as both consumers and providers in this ever growing field, we explored  what Lissa dubbed the Spiritual Super Mall. The good thing is that it’s no longer a one size fits all field. There are options for most everyone, and you can access many virtually leaving the travel to a desolate mountain top optional.

Yet there is an ever growing pool of, as Andrea J Lee puts it,  ‘infocrap’ out there that really has  nothing to do with conscious evolution or new paradigm thinking. So what do you do? How to sift through the many options to find one that works for you?

As Lissa and I tossed our thoughts around we  came up with a couple of guiding points for spiritual pioneers. First and foremost tune in to your own inner wisdom. We all receive guidance, but we discount it in preference  for what someone else says is best, be it an expert, friend, or spouse. Gathering information is an important step but the decision must come from inside. Trusting in your own inner wisdom is a critical tool needed to navigate the  Spiritual Super Mall and the new paradigm in general.

The next point is to keep an open conversation flowing. We are conditioned to keeping these conversations in the spiritual ‘closet’ so much so   that we ignore the elephant in the middle of the room. An open honest respectful dialogue is imperative to adjusting course as we need to. Many of still feel  isolated and stuck in ‘lone ranger’ mode.  Reaching out, connecting, and communicating with the many other spiritual pioneers out there who are navigating the new way of being as well.

It’s also worth noting that  we are charting new territories here, be gentle on yourself as well as the teachers you choose, while staying true to your values and integrity. Old paradigm ways are falling away and we are replacing them with new ones…there are bound to be  a few hiccups in the mix.

I would love to hear your thought and experiences  ushering the new paradigm.

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  1. Very good newsletter and article! This is so true, and it helps to know that any one individual is not just “out standing in their field” and thatspiritual confusion is not unique to anyone nor a cause for feeling isolated, alone or hopeless. Thank you so much for bringing these thoughts and observations to the fore! I am sure that it will help lots of folks to keep that energy flowing in the right directions!

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