Is Your Soul Always Getting a Busy Signal?

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     The beginning of any Soul Path journey starts with a call, the beckoning or calling forth of a new level of awareness. There is restlessness, a yearning, a stirring just beneath the surface that tugs at you insistent and clear as mud. Yes mud….unclear, messy, obscure until you head the call and step back, slow down, assess, and engage with your soul.

       Each day we are inundated with stimuli from the loud and constant to the subtle and intermittent.  The source of the loudest stimuli most often comes from outside of us the loud voices of stereotypes, habits, belief patterns, fears and conditioning. Because it is loud and ever present we give it our attention. Making it even harder to slow down and tune in to your inner callings.

The call may come in the form of doing – changing jobs, starting a family, changing where you live, starting /leaving a relationship, opening a business. Or it may come in the form of being – less judgmental, more peaceful, less fearful, and more creative. It may have you embracing something new or leaving something that is no longer a fit for you.

It is most definitely not one size fits all and it’s not a once and done deal. We all have multiple calls in our lifetimes and when we don’t listen they just get louder more insistent. (Until eventually the cosmic two by four wakes us from our stupor).

These calls are the waypoints on our journey just like the trail markers on a hiking trail. You may choose the fire loop that takes the most direct route to the summit but the muscles in your thighs burn the whole way up. Maybe you choose the lollygag loop that has you meandering all around the base of the mountain perhaps never getting above the tree line or more likely one of the many trails in between. There is no right or wrong it’s a matter of different experiences.

The common thread is making the space to hear the quiet voice that fuels the soul path call. Building the muscle of listening to that quiet voice is a skill that serves you in all aspects of your life.

Often the most significant step we can take is a series of small consistent actions that, over time lead us to the dreams that we seek, even as we are defining what those dreams are.

  Learning to decipher that quiet voice takes time and attention. Tuning in to your Self and not someone else’s idea of who you should be takes practice. It’s a practice that is easily integrated into everyday life.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • As you wash the dishes let your mind drift to the dreams that you never find the time to clarify
  • In the shower ask yourself what you really want…you not your family, spouse, friends…what would make your heart sing
  • As your morning coffee is brewing imagine how you would like to BE in this day

Let whatever comes up be okay, no judging or chastising (that’s crazy/impractical/impossible)

What does calling stir up for you?

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