Slow Burn or Dramatic Burst

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The vague sense of uncertainty.

The indescribable pull of something bigger from deep inside of you.

The unshakeable sense of urgency.

And the courage and tenacity to follow the pull.

All of the above are signposts of the calling phase of the Soul Path journey. It’s the quiet whisper of the soul yearning for deeper connection and expression.  A stirring of the pot in your everyday life.  A pull to begin a new and unusual path is felt, and often quickly dismissed.  The pull becomes stronger more insistent. This is often followed by a vague sense of dissatisfaction, or annoyance with certain people or aspects of your life. Sometimes there is a more dramatic burst, a loss- of a job, relationship, identifying roles, a loved one followed by a dark night of the soul that spurs you into action to answering the call.

It takes courage and tenacity to answer the call. This invisible pull from your soul can’t be seen, heard, touched, or tasted in traditional ways. Sometimes trying to explain it makes you feel plain crazy not to mention isolated and alone.  But you do it anyway….if you didn’t you wouldn’t still be reading this; you wouldn’t be in my community.

I want to stand up and honor your commitment and courage. Bravo! (Really I mean it with my whole heart) this is what evolution and transformation are made of. And you are not alone, not by a long shot.

If the call is answered there are tasks and trials on this path, both internal and external that make up the Soul Path answering phase, watch for that next time.

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