Shifting Energy with 3 Little Letters

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It seems like and innocent little conjunction, three little letters can’t really have that much power…..or can they?

‘But’ is most often used as a way to exclude something or introduce doubt. It presents an either or situation.  Example: I want dessert but it’s too many calories. As if the only option is to eat a high calorie treat or nothing at all, no compromise, no middle ground . There is a feeling  of choice being minimized  or taken away.

Then there are  the subconscious ‘buts’ that so often silently exclude us from our dreams and goals. These buts  are tied to a belief system, so unearthing them really is a gifts of  discovery and healing.  When the belief system and the silent ‘buts’ are brought out from the shadows, the opportunity to heal what has been essentially putting the brakes  on moving toward  dreams and goals, can be released.

The chatter in the mind  is riddled with these gems. When thinking  of a specific goal add but after stating the goal and a river of subconscious blocks will come  tumbling forth. Example: I want a successful business….but it will take too much time, …but I’m not really business minded etc.

The ‘buts’ reveal opposing energy that keeps you stuck.  Consciously changing the language used shifts the energy. Repeating it,  reinforces  and anchors the new energy  creating new neuropathways and new energy patterns.

There is power in the  language that is used, even a small change can produce  significant results.. Example: I want dessert and  I’m committed to honoring my body.  I want a successful business and I can define success on my terms.  Both the examples are more expansive and allow the room for possibility, compromise,  and creative ‘out of the box’ solutions. Rather than shutting  down in an either or situation it opens up the flow for opportunity.

Using but as an excluder seems to create a buffer zone making it easier to say no or avoid risk. In reality it creates distance from authenticity and congruency and this  is an energy drain keeping dreams and goals at bay.

Let’s try this little experiment, be very aware of your wording and each time you use the word ‘but’ rephrase it to a more expansive form, just like the examples above.  When I did this a couple of weeks ago I was very surprised at the number of times I shut myself down. I was working on a creative project that seemed to have more snags and speed bumps than forward motion, by the end of my ‘butless’   week I had shifted some major energy and was near completing the project.

Here is your invitation to try it yourself, join the experiment and share your rephrases with others below.


  1. This is totally true. I teach this to middle school students–to get the word “but” out of their vocabulary. When you’re just learning how to do it, substitute the word “and” until it becomes easier. Thanks for writing the article!

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