Procrastination or Right Timing?

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A question that has popped up lately  in client calls as well as MasterMind  groups has been  “How do I know if I am procrastinating or if I’m following my  inner guidance?”

We are so conditioned to keep moving that it feels foreign when we get the signal to slow down or stop so we can integrate what we’ve learned, plant the seeds we need to plant  or  tend to the tender seedlings.

Our  first inclination is to judge ourselves and try to push forward labeling it ‘procrastination’. Often  our  Higher Self will send the signal to slow down, take  a look here or  connect with this person but we second guess it….even more often if it requires deviating from the timeline of what we think ‘should’ be done.

Now  there are times when it is procrastination, like when you really don’t want to do something and suddenly doing the laundry is of vital importance. The key is to tune in enough to tell the difference.

The most basic way to tell the difference is to tune in to the physical triggers , a twitch in your eye, a tightening of your stomach, a relaxing of your shoulders.  Triggers are highly individual but each of us uses one or two of our chakras as a primary operating system identifying which one you operate from will help you  identify where your trigger  is.

In the external world when you get the signal to slow down and you push through often times things just don’t click, it’s a tremendous effort to get things done. On the other hand  when you get the signal to move forward  things just fall into place, you still take the action but there is a distinctive flow to it.

My friend Allison says it’s her Higher Self making sure she has right timing. And that’s really what it’s all about, right timing, not someone else’s timing. We all are so tuned in to the external time frames that we have a hard time  tuning in to the internal ones. Try tuning in and really listening to what your body is telling you, you will be pleasantly surprised.

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