Problems – Solutions- Calm

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Problems, grumpy people, restlessness, malfunctioning mechanics – last week it seemed like everyone had some sort of upheaval. Thursday was my problem day tuition issues for my daughter, payment issues with a contractor, relationship issues.  Yet I stayed pretty even keeled and at the end of the day was in a pretty good mood and my energy level stayed pretty high.

It unfolded like this            problem – “oh shit” moment – solution               repeat 3 times.

This  year I focused pretty deeply on finding my happy, not by way of  external circumstance- though much of that did shift as a result- but rather a deeper  connection with who I am   and  my own inner  wisdom. The resonance that this creates in every area of life is powerful.

It’s what helps us move through resistance and fear to create what we desire even when we can’t fully articulate it. It’s what supports us as we shed the things in our life that no longer fit; a relationship that no longer serves us, a job that drains us, a situation that is constricting, whatever that is.

The chaos of the last week was a reminder that moving forward and letting go takes courage and strength (yes, you do have enough of both) and that tuning in and aligning with your unique inner wisdom makes the process easier.

I’m curious how your week went….

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