Personal Lesson in Independence

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Independence day has a special meaning to me. It was on this day 2 years ago that I moved from my home on the east coast 3000 miles to California, by myself. I stayed with a dear friend for a month before finding a sweet, sunny, flower-filled cottage 3 blocks from the beach in Santa Cruz, CA. I’ve made a new home, created new community, and made new friends.

I’ve had to make countless decisions, face many fears, and take a deep look at my beliefs, habits, and behavior patterns. I wasn’t always clear about what my next step would be, but I learned to trust myself and listen to my inner wisdom.

I love my life. It’s not perfect. It’s a life built on choices and decisions that are aligned with who I am. I continue to grow and explore life in new ways.

One of the comments I get most when people hear my story is “That must have taken a lot of courage.” At times this would have me second guessing myself, because it didn’t feel particularly courageous it just felt right deep in my gut. I didn’t have all of the answers up front. I leaned in and trusted and took the next step.

My ability to that was what fascinated people and confused me. I had doubts, I had fears, and I had what I called my happy. It was the ability to draw on a baseline of well-being, happiness that I had created just like everyone else. It was my coaching work that showed me how I did that and why it was different. What was a natural solution for me was not for others.

In my business I coach women around change, major decisions, and personal leadership particularly around midlife when it all seems to bubble up to the surface more strongly and time is of the essence.   I noticed patterns with my individual clients and began putting together a process – tools, techniques, and the science that backed them up (the engineer in me).

Early this year, I had the pleasure of beta testing a group of women on the process. We assessed before and after happiness levels in 10 key areas. Every person increased in every area the smallest increase was 13% and the largest 77%. There were some suggestions to strengthen the program and after implementing them, the Find Your Happy and create your best life program is ready to open her doors.

I would like to invite you to join me in the Find Your Happy summer intensive. We will spend 6 weeks creating your Happy so you can have a strong base to make the changes you are craving… big or little, this is where it all starts.





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