No, I Don’t!……Oh Yes You Do

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In my conversations every day I talk with many people who deny that they work with energy. It makes  me smile because; if  everything is energy(and it is) then everything we do involves working with  energy. For many it is not a conscious thing and for some they simply don’t see that what they are doing is working with energy.

After all energy is this invisible force that is somewhat mysterious. You can’t see it, or touch it, but it’s there none the less. With current scientific advances we are just beginning to be able to measure it. It’s hard to claim something we can’t see. Yet we feel the effects of it all the time. Having a stressful day….feel the dull headache, tense shoulders, upset stomach? You can’t see stress( well okay maybe the crabby boss you can see, but not the actual stress he is causing) but you sure can feel it.

For those  whose work  focusing on stress relief, definitely energy work. How about about mind set; so often shifting a mind set  is part of the work someone does. Can you see it in customer relations, the receptionist at the dentist, a coach,  or a salesman?  It’s all about shifting the energy. The energy fuels our actions.

If we are doing it any way, why not hone  our skill and do it deliberately. It’s not magic, there is a cause and effect relationship with energy.  Focusing where you want your energy to flow and how you receive energy can be  a conscious  choice, one that is not all consuming.  A little bit of attention and awareness can create noticeable changes.

So, in what ways do you work with energy in your work, relationships, or everyday situations? What would be possible if you claimed the energy work you are doing?

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