My Best Trick For Getting Things Done

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reaching goalsWhat if: You actually completed all those promises to yourself?
Research shows:  Having an accountability partner increases follow through by 140%. That’s pretty significant. Here’s the break down on completion in various scenarios.
On average about 35% of people complete a task by simply deciding to do it. Adding in a written plan with time frames increases that to about 48%. The likelihood of completion increases more to 65% when you verbally commit to someone else that you will do something. When you have a specific accountability appointment with the person you’ve committed to completion increases to 95%.
     It’s the commitment to little actions that ultimately get us to where we want to go. The large leaps get noticed but the juice is in the consistent daily actions. Last year I had a midlife misadventure with scuba diving that had me stand up and take notice of my physical abilities. The past three years have been stressful for me and my weight and activity levels had gone in opposite directions.
     In the fall I joined a Tabata group. There were two coaches who supported and guided the group through an 8 week session. It included three thirty minute classes, daily six minute videos, before and after measurements, goal setting, and weekly lifestyle topics. My intention was to get comfortable in my body and increase my physical stamina.
     I realized in short order that if I didn’t show up for class I would receive a text checking in to see where I was. I have a bad habit of signing up for a class and losing interest  – fast. This accountability kept me on track and in class.
     I’ve been a weight loss coach, I am a RN, I coach midlife women on happiness and outrageous goals, and I’m crazy into mindset and brain function(never could tell that from my posts right?) but knowing and  doing are two very different things. I find myself listening to my body more and eating healthier. I am just as likely to go for a walk when I’m stressed as I am to reach for the chips, if I had any in the house.
    coffee on the beach It’s now my third session of Tabata. For the first time I took advantage of a midway check-in with Robin, one of the coaches. She helped me set some goals, something I had been avoiding, and acknowledged how far I had come.
     Sharing my goals kicked me into another level of commitment. Increasing the intensity and frequency of my activities challenges me in a way that feels really good. It makes me want more of that. Knowing I have check-in in a couple of weeks. I remember that when I don’t feel like taking those extra 2,000 steps to reach my 12,000 step goal or when I’m tired and I snack to push through it rather than stop and sleep.
     It’s also to remember when I get on the phone with a client and she tries to avoid the check-in just how valuable that accountability is even if it’s a little squirmy sometimes.
Integration: How can you build some accountability into a goal or project to help you get to where you want to be? Look at it with fresh eyes, get creative, here are some ideas to build on:
  • Join a group
  • Buddy with a friend
  • Hire a coach
  • Barter with someone



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