I Quit! I Won’t Ever Measure Up! Why You don’t have to.

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I Quit! I Won’t Ever Measure Up! Why You don’t have to.

I read a post by Carrie Klassen of Pink Elephant this week that really resonated with me. In fact, I don’t need her program at the moment, but I wanted to buy it just because of that post!

She talked about comparing herself to a ‘guru’ and wandering down the path of ‘it’s already been done and done better’. I know that path well. The thing that keeps pulling me back to my own path is this crazy idea that I completely, wholeheartedly believe:

Each of us has our own unique way of being and contributing in this world.

No one else can be you.
Not a single soul.
Only you can ‘do’ you.
You alone get to choose how to contribute.

It’s our nature to compare and contrast. Comparison is one of our innate learning mechanisms. We learn a great deal about ourselves and others in this way.

The problem is when you use the comparison as a form of self-judgment and assume that you are lacking. It’s almost automatic, a mannerism, a certain style of dress or speech, an attitude will cause you to think ‘wow she’s got it all together’ and quietly (or not so quietly) review, mentally, your own (perceived) short comings. This holds you back from sharing what you’re feeling, asking that question that’s been tugging at you, or initiating a conversation with someone you admire.

It drops you into the perpetual loop of ‘someone else knows best.’

It’s the brunette wanting to be blonde, the short one wanting to be tall, the organized wanting more spontaneity. The grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Taking the time to check in with yourself and to honor your unique way of contributing opens the door for growth and expansion. It takes courage and vulnerability and belief in yourself.


Letting go of assumptions about yourself and others, while not easy, is such an empowering act. So ask that question, share that thought, initiate that conversation, you may be surprised at how much you grow and evolve.

Remember, your playlist would be mighty boring with only one artist. I am very grateful for all of the artists out there sharing their unique expression, adding color and vibrancy to my world.

How many people will you touch in your own unique way? You may never know, but the world will be a better place if you did it anyway.
What is one thing you have been holding back from trying?


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