How to Procrastinate

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dream bigA little over a year ago I googled flights to the west coast for the hundredth time, wondering why I was waiting. Knowing full well that if I waited for all my ducks to be in a row I would never go. I also knew that I would always wonder. In my work as a hospice nurse I learned a very important lesson: regret eats at a person.Most people don’t regret trying something, they regret not having tried.

Waiting is something we all do. It often becomes our excuse for not moving forward (my friend Kristen Moeller wrote an excellent book on this Waiting for Jack). We tell ourselves that when the right job, person, circumstance, or when so and so gets on board with it then we’ll move forward.

Not to be confused with timing, that beautiful art of opening to the natural rhythm and cadence of unfolding, so often in ways and at a pace that we do not expect. There is a profound difference in the quality of timing verses waiting. Timing is a natural unfolding; you feel it in your body, in your mind, in your soul. It’s a completely different experience.

     Waiting is a form of procrastination, a way to give away our power. It takes on different forms depending on your primary archetype, none the less, the end result is the same.
     Using the object of our waiting as an excuse and a scape goat…. “If only such and such would happen then I could move forward”, keeps us stuck in the status quo. Change is scary. A forage into the unknown is unnerving. It requires a certain degree of trust – in yourself, in the innate gift of Oneness, in your ability to connect and tune in to that Oneness and garner guidance in a real and meaningful ways. It takes  courage to lean into that trust and spread  your  wings to fly into the unknown.

Trust is hard sometimes. Waiting seems easier.

In reality it’s not easier. It takes its toll on each of us hindering our ability to tap into our full potential and fully experience each moment.

The Call to Adventure

     We all get a nudge or urge to change at various points in our lives. Some of these nudges are calls to adventure, the beginning stages of deeper growth. These calls to adventure are different for each of us, a change in perception, a change in career, a change in location or relationship and for some a combination of these. One thing that is common to all is the uncertainty this call to adventure brings.

Here is where we employ waiting, sometimes for a little while to get ourselves used to the idea of change, sometimes we get stuck in it and it becomes the story we tell about why we aren’t answering the call to adventure. It’s important to be honest with yourself about where you’re at.

     I was done waiting. I chose to answer the call to adventure as uncertain as it is, paradoxically there is also a deep sense of certainty.  When I hit the purchase this flight button I was scared, excited, and sad. This new chapter for me meant leaving all that I knew and doing many things that I had never done. A full year later  I have  no regrets and new changes unfold regularly, some I handle  with grace others well not so much.
     The plans I made were turned askew at each turn, only to be replaced with something better. People tell me I’m brave or gutsy and it surprises me, not because I don’t believe that I am, but because I see that quality in others, often when they believe that they don’t have it. We are here in this together.
     There are lots of tools to help you through but the most important is the knowledge that you are NOT alone. Others have gone before you, others are walking with you and others will follow you.
     We have a tendency to keep our fears and uncertainty hidden, sheltered from the light of day yet when we share the experience our journey becomes a little easier and a lot richer.
What have you stopped waiting for in the past year?
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