How to Find Your Happy….

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Be yourself

Be silly

Smell the flowers as you walk by

Hug people – randomly for no reason

Listen to the trees sing in the wind

Walk barefoot in the sand

Lick an ice cream cone

Sing a song

Spread your wings and fly


Be curious

Embrace life – embrace yourself

Breathe deeply –  exhale

Unwrap the present moment as if it were a rare and precious gift

Swing on a swing

Express yourself

Smile  – for no reason just let the edges of your mouth turn upwards

Pick a dandelion

Your turn, add your suggestion to the list  by commenting below


  1. Make a goofy face at someone in the car next to yours at a traffic light.

  2. Ride your bike and let the cool beach air blow in your face and smell the ocean…then go get a cookie at your favorite bakery…(bike ride will help burn the calories of the cookie…its okay!!!!)

  3. Yum Yum the Buttery!!!!

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