How to Find Meaning in the Midlife Unraveling

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Happy Labor Day, I hope your summer has been fun and rejuvenating. I’ve had so much going on I have not even had time to write! As many of you know in May, I started back to school for my Master’s degree. This was spurred by my desire to research the connection between thoughts and wellness. I want to know what goes on down to the cellular level and how that affects us in real time (and visa verse), curious minds want to know.

To say it’s been a busy summer is an understatement. I’ve been learning to recalibrate my life, balancing school, business, work, and downtime has been a challenge at times. I have a tendency to severely underestimate how much time it takes me to do things (Am I alone in this???)

Sometimes it went well and other times not so much…. What I know is true is that no matter what changes you undertake or how much you prepare there are often hiccups but that’s all part of the experience. I love learning, and my classes are sparking new ideas for teaching and how to integrates changes. I will also be bringing the ‘shadow’ side of my business more into focus, so you’ll be hearing more about the energy work and healing practices that are the underpinnings of all that I do.

The focus is still midlife unraveling, the sweet spot where we get to take a look at where we’ve been and look forward to seeing what we want to create – and do it in a conscious, meaningful way that fills us up. Yeah, that sweet spot, filled with uncertainty, exhilaration, fear, joy, regret, satisfaction and a myriad of other emotions that help guide us on the journey. It’s a new take on an old paradigm, so let’s jump in and create it together.

I’ll leave you with a question to ponder: What is meaningful in your life? Try beginning each day focusing on this and see what shifts.

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