How the Energy of Choosing Works With Your Chakras

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Choices, everywhere you turn, hundreds to thousands a day,  we value our ability to choose so highly that when we feel that it’s threatened in some way we voice our dismay loudly,  yet most choices are made  by default. Sometimes they seem so mundane as to not really matter when they really do have a significant impact.

A client of mine  a few years ago was having some pain issues in her hips she was getting  no real relief from traditional medicine. Through our work together she discovered that she operated primarily  from her 6th chakra. With this info we were able to see how she processed her individual choices and isolated the choice to get out of bed each morning with the thought of  ‘I wish I could be doing something fun instead of being stuck working’ and a feeling of missing out on something. This had created a stronghold in her energy field, specifically her 2nd chakra , over time it had become a block and was manifesting as physical pain. She consciously shifted her thoughts when getting out of bed, actively planned ‘fun’ time,  and added some visual cues as well  to utilize her 6th chakra operating preference, and  within 2 weeks was feeling better the pain had disappeared in a months’ time.


Choices feed the chakras. The mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual energy of the choice is processed through the chakras. Over time repeated thoughts, feelings and actions can create a strong hold that  disrupts the flow of energy. This disruption  informs the physical, emotional, and mental bodies  of a change in frequency. Over time this can manifest as a physical symptom, an emotional response, or a mental thought pattern.

Being conscious of your choices and working with you energy can resolve or prevent many of these strongholds  long before they show up as a physical symptom. Things as simple as  deep breathing, chakra cleansing, or exercise are great ways to get started.

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