Can Your Chakras Help You Reach a Goal?

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Most people rush past the very first foundational step to reaching a goal, taking action on a dream, or initiating a change. We are so quick to skim over the energetic foundation in order to get on with the doing and move toward the end result. Often this is done in the interest of time, it’s quicker, or so it seems. In reality more often than not we end up side tracked, stuck, or with a less than hoped for result. By neglecting this step we are self sabotaging our success.

Taking the time to create the space intentionally for your desired outcome prepares the journey vibrationally.  You’re laying an energetic footprint for what you desire. In my work with clients and personally’ doing this one step increases success rates exponentially.

My favorite method is to use the energy from my chakras to create the energetic space. I visualize the qualities and colors from each chakra  forming a container for my goal. When I work with clients we do this together, it is a powerful process.

How do you set the stage for success? Is there a process that you use to create a sacred space for your goal?

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