Here’s an Evolutionary Leap That Will Surprise You

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What If: Kindness is an evolutionary leap?

Research Shows: Our vagus nerve, a cranial nerve that essentially connects our brain stem to our body, has many functions. It is closely connected  with oxcytocin receptor networks. This is our ‘feel good’ hormone. Those that have a high vagus nerve activation report feeling higher levels of gratitude, compassion, love, and happiness. This affects how we interact socially. Making getting along with others easier and more pleasant. Researchers are exploring this as an evolutionary change that will help our species survive.

It’s an interesting point of  view. Kindness generally feels good, ideally to both the giver and receiver. It’s easier to get along with someone if kindness is prevalent. Studies on long term relationships show that kindness towards your partner is a strong indicator of the health of a relationship. The idea of it being an evolutionary shift has some merit and I’m eager to see if itproves true.

For many of us being kind is something we make an effort to express outward toward others. Being kind to ourselves isn’t a priority.  For the next week take the kindness challenge.

Integration: Take the Kindness Challenge

Rate the following before you start: 0(not at all) – 10(all of the time)

  1. I feel peaceful and calm.
  2. I feel supported and appreciated.
  3. I feel happy and content.

Choose  1 -2 items from the list below and consciously practice them.

Set reminders to check in several times a day so you remember

  • Clean up your self talk- if you wouldn’t say it out loud to someone else
  • Random acts of kindness – for yourself, small indulgences and sweet nothings
  • Hold yourself in compassion – acknowledge that you are doing your best and your exactly where you need to be
  • Be a beacon of love – move energy through your heart chakra and appreciate your self

Share what you chose below – or something different that spoke to you.


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