Here’s a Twist on Feeling Great

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I had a chat with my niece Sam this week about life and being happy. We got on to the topic of gratitude. It is such a simple thing that has big impact. Looking at life through the lens of gratitude offers a whole new perspective.

How often do you stop and recognize all the things in your life that are right? Most of us spend far more time focused on what’s wrong. That’s a recipe for attracting more of the same

rose colored glassesBy consciously stopping to acknowledge, appreciate and focus on positive aspects of life you feel better, almost instantly. If you need more reason than that; energetically you become a match to the good stuff and  make space for it to come into your life. The key is you can’t fake it, the feeling has to be real. Simple things like the beauty of a flower, a childs giggle, a smile from a stranger can shift your whole outlook.

Have you ever had a day that starts lousy, you get up late, the dog runs away, your car acts up, by the time you get to work you’ve reviewed all the things that aren’t what you would like them to be and you’ve decided your life stinks. Then you open your purse and you find a love note your 6 year old left you, the day is instantly better.

That’s what gratitude does for you, it shifts your energy. There are many methods to help you adapt an attitude of gratitude.

if you like the written word a gratitude list, where at least once a day you add 5 things to a running list, or a gratitude journal would do the trick.

if your more the verbal type, try saying 3 things your grateful for at the dinner table or  add naming 3 new things your grateful for that day to your bedtime routine.

  if tactile thing are more your style try a gratitude stone, find a small stone and put it in your pocket, each time you touch it think of the things your grateful for. This usually results in at least twice a day focusing on gratitude. Women may find it easier to use a key chain.

The more you express gratitude the easier it becomes and before you know it you will be grinning just because the sun is setting or because your son actually put the orange juice away. Personally I think it’s much more fun to do that than scowl at what isn’t ‘perfect’….yet. And I’m pretty sure you get fewer wrinkles!

I would love to hear what your gratitude practice is, leave a comment below

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