Happiness isn’t all sunshine and flowers

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     Happiness doesn’t just happen. It takes effort and conscious focus. How you focus and what you do matters….a LOT. Here are the first 5 Happiness Truths and guiding principles that I live by and teach.

     Try them on, adjust them to suit your life, get creative, discard them, what ever works for you. At the very least stop and get a feel for how they could impact your experience.


Be Who You Are

·      Be authentic

·      Stay tuned in to your beliefs and values

·      Play to your strengths

·      Don’t compensate/apologize for who you are


Be Kind

·      Clean up your self-talk – if you wouldn’t say it out loud to someone else don’t say it to yourself

·      Practice kindness – first to yourself then towards others

·      Hold all living things in compassion

·      Be a beacon of love


Honor Your Body

·      Tune in to what your body is telling you, it’s your home

·      Acknowledge your body’s wisdom, even if you don’t heed it

·      Get right with your food

·      Use your body properly


Trust Your Inner Wisdom

·      Tune in to your inner wisdom daily

·      Follow and trust your inner wisdom

·      Be gentle with yourself as you learn to deepen that trust

·      Embody the wisdom of creating your own destiny


Dare to Be Your Best Self

·      Express yourself

·      Follow your dreams

·      Own your power

·      Don’t settle

 part 2 will be next week…..

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