Grateful Am I

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Grateful Am I
Gratitude honoring, appreciative, joyful, and reverent
for my awareness of connection to Source,
for the deep soul-full connection with my daughter Cay,
for the solid sense of who I am,
for the intellectual and creative interaction with my son Alex,
for the beautiful ocean and beach that nourish me daily,
for the crazy completely”get you and got your back” support and honest feedback of my friend Allison,
for the loyalty and sense of self of my son Tommy and the joy I see in Cassandra as she nurtures,
for the love, big dreams, and kinship of my friend Tawnya
for the unwaivering support and encouragement of my friend Sarah,
for the easy companionship and caring of my friends Deni and Rich,
for my grand children Xavier and Gianna for making me smile,
for the insights shared with me and years of love from Tom
for my amazing community who share and volunteer and dream big,
for the graceful way my daughter Jackie parents her children,
for my clients who inspire and teach me and allow me to share my gifts in a profound way,
for the love and unconditional acceptance from my sister Pam and niece Sam and nephew Jarod,
for the growth and forgiveness in this last year,
for my peaceful little cottage oasis that I call home,
for Clara and Robin at Team Minorsan for rekindling my interest in fitness 20 seconds at a time,
for who I am, who I have been, and who I am becoming
Grateful Am I

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