Going From Grrrr to Delight in 0 – 60

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It’s ever so easy to lose touch with the simple things that bring us joy and center us in peace. Especially this time of year we are in a whirlwind of constant motion and doingness. Disconnecting can happen unnoticed. The overwhelm of constant motion is perceived by the brain as a threat and kicks our body into reactive fight or flight mode. This puts us on hyper alert for negativity, making us notice the things that are going wrong rather than the things that are going right.
The other morning I woke to grey skies, not common here in my sunnSunset at beachy beach town, I sighed and closed my eyes wishing for sunshine and willing myself to slide my feet to the floor to start the day. When I opened my eyes the grey had been replaced with a beautiful deep pink.

I       Was       Delighted      Utterly       Delighted.

          The dense pink clouds that painted the sky were a promise of sunshine stirring on the horizon and a strong reminder that my focus on what wasn’t right wasn’t serving me, and I do love those reminders.
It had me thinking how quickly things can change literally in a blink. They can change for the better just as easily as for the worse. I have a strong tendency toward the positive….or as some would say rose colored glasses. Sunshine is a component of my feel good mojo, I noted as I swung my feet to the floor that of late I had been noticing and appreciating it less.
The little things they are important. The simple act of choosing to appreciate them is a declaration of embracing the happiness that lives inside each of us, independent of external circumstance.

I’ve been doing some research for an upcoming Find Your Happy workshop I’m leading and though the research unequivocally shows our brain is hardwired to see the negative it also shows that we can shift that. We can make our brains more receptive to the positive and our lives happier by choosing to focus on feel good things. By doing this we are actually reprograming ourselves for more lasting happiness.

I’m not saying that the ups and downs and problems of the world will disappear but our ability to weather them and stay centered in a state of peace is improved. This allows us to respond to an event rather than react to it. Reacting is knee jerk action and so often leads to regrets later. And there are so many benefits to being happier but that’s a post for another day. What simple pleasures can you appreciate right now?

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