Floating as a Way of Life

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seashellAs I sit here watching the waves crash from my balcony here in Kauai, I can see the sea turtles in the water below me. They ride the waves floating just beneath the surface popping their heads up out of the water periodically. They aren’t scrambling or frantic, they simply float adjusting to the wave as it comes up.

In everyday life we try and figure it all out, planning, pushing, and attempting to control the outcome. All that effort is exhausting and not all that effective. Now, I’m not saying there should be no ‘doing’, just a different king of ‘doing’.  Instead of making things happen, relax into the flow of your life and follow your gut, your heart, your intuition, whatever you call you’re Inner Wisdom. Trust that you really do know deep down inside what the next step is.

Most of us have a long litany of ‘should’s’, things we think we must do mostly because some outside force says so. We have an insatiable thirst to see the outcome before we even start; to be sure it’s the right move. This combination makes it hard to slow down and listen, much less act on our own inner wisdom. Pushing, struggling, and ‘making it happen’, pulls us out of alignment with who we truly are and where we want to go.

Relaxing, even a little bit, into the flow of life helps you to hear that inner wisdom. Simply taking a moment to ask yourself “Why am I doing this?” can shift the energy of what you’re doing.

By giving up the struggle and embracing the float more things seem to slip into place with far less effort. Synchronicities pop up all over the place. I enjoy the process so much more. I am committed to being happy, choosing this as my baseline. Keeping the image of the sea turtle in my mind as I start the day, I am choosing to ride the waves that come my way floating when I need to float, swimming when it’s time, and popping my head up for air when it feels right.

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