Flower Essences


Flower essences are fabulous elixirs – infusions made from the flowering part of a plant. They are energetic imprints of the life force of the plant, similar to homeopathy (which I love as well). Each plant has specific qualities that it imparts. The flower essence interacts with your  subtle energy enhancing those specific qualities within you.

They work in many ways, for me they connect me to an awareness of my stumbling blocks and challenges then they strengthen and shore up my ability to move through those blocks  helping me draw on qualities that the flower essence enhances. As I grow and expand, the connection shifts with me.

Working with flower essences helps me to feel more connected with my goals, values, and creativity. I use them regularly as a support for growth and expansion. It is not a modality that I am trained in. For more info my practitioner is Allison Amick.

Meet Allison Amick

I’m Allison Amick and The Sage Dragon is my business, inspired by my love of dragons, wisdom within, nature, and flower essences. I have always had diverse interests which have led me down the path of discovering what lights me up. I am always learning, expanding, and bringing new ideas and techniques into the work I do.
As part of my mission to support you in creating the change you are seeking, I offer flower essence consultations for people, animals, and spaces as well as medical intuition readings for people and animals. Learn more about Allison and The Sage Dragon here.