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Using the information from your archetype can help you shift perspective and play to your strengths, making life flow more smoothly.

Tuning in to your subtle energy is a great way to help you move past fears, get unstuck, and move toward your goals.

There are so many ways to tap into your subtle energy.  It’s important to find a way that fits for you, then you’ll actually use it and reap the rewards right! (No one like to wear shoes that don’t fit them)

Here is some  chakra information and a tool to help you get started. Watch your email for more tips and tools.



     Chakra means disk or wheel, they refer to the seven energy centers in your body. These discs are swirling energy centers that give off and pick up on the energy in and around us.

       Each one of the chakras is associated, tuned in if you will, to certain areas of the body. They govern physical and emotional aspects.
As these energy centers get blocked different symptoms manifest. That’s why cleansing on a regular basis is essential.

     For each chakra I’ve assigned a word to focus on during cleansing, if you resonate with a different word for any of the chakras, then by all means use the word that you resonate with.

This tool is intended to help you balance and clear energy blocks in the chakras. To help you become more peaceful and in the flow.


     By clearing up these energy centers, and being really clear about what you want things flow in a much easier manner, kind of like if you’re in a canoe headed down the river and you try to cling to the banks of the river, or try paddling upstream, it’s hard and you quickly become exhausted. But if you take your canoe into the middle of the river  and flow downstream with the current using your paddle to maneuver, it’s almost effortless. Using your subtle energy to support you and what you want  to create has the same effect.

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7 Chakra Power Words Meditation




1st  Chakra Root Chakra
Location: Base of the spine
Color: Red
Focused On: Your survival needs, loyalty, safety, security, your family unit.
Those things that make you feel safe and secure in this world.
Governs: Lower pelvis, legs
Word: Trust

2nd Chakra Sacral Chakra
Location: About 2 inches below your bellybutton just in the center of your tummy
Color: Orange
Focused On: Creativity, your relationships, choice
Governs: Intestines, ovaries, bladder
Word: Play

3rd Chakra Solar Plexus Chakra
Location: Just beneath the ribs on your solar plexus
Color: Yellow
Focused On: Your self-esteem, personal power, your ego
Governs: Stomach, kidneys, pancreas, and liver
Word: Self

4th Chakra Heart Chakra
Location: Heart
Color: Green
Focused On: Love, intimacy and joy
Governs: Heart, lungs, respiratory system. immune system
Word: Love

5th Chakra Throat Chakra
Location: middle of your throat
Color: Blue
Focused On: Your ability to express yourself, your ability to speak your truth, to communicate, to hear others truth
Governs: Throat, mouth, vocal cords, thyroid
Word: Courage

6th Chakra Third Eye Chakra
Location: Center of the forehead
Color: Indigo
Focused On: Your intuition, inner wisdom, any psychic ability
Governs: The sensing organs eyes, ears, nose, and your brain
Word: Wisdom

7th Chakra Crown Chakra
Location: Top of the head
Color: Violet
Focused On: Your connection to a higher power, faith, spirituality,
Governs: This chakra really is not associated with a body part, although it is connected with the central nervous system.
Word: One