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This months’ focus is the ecosystem of our emotions. Emotions are essentially energy in motion. They elicit the response in us that we call feeling. Everyone experiences emotions and feelings differently for many, many different reasons. Your perception, state of being, the blocks that you have, your past experiences and beliefs all color your experience.

An area that can have a big impact on day to day life is an emotional block. A block is something that overtime, layer by layer, or sometimes in response to a major event, slows down the flow of energy, creating resistance and ultimately a block ( think of a pipe that is slow draining then finally completely clogs). This can be a repetitive thought, action, or numbing of an emotion.

Very often we ignore the slowing of the energy until physical symptoms are exhibited. When you clear the block, you allow the flow of energy to be reestablished and the symptoms dissipate. There are many, many different methods out there that are effective in dealing with emotional blocks.

EFT is one of the more popular and more effective ones. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. It involves tapping on the meridians or energetic pathways in the body by using the series of phrases called set-up phrases. What this does is disrupts the energy flow for a moment. The setup phrase helps to locate which vibration you’re targeting and the phrase introduces an alternative to the current patterns. By tapping through you re-pattern the energy flow, a recalibration in vibration of the energy if you will.

It’s a quick, easy, effective method. You can do it yourself or you could find an EFT practitioner to guide you. The set-up phrases sometimes can be a little difficult at first until you get the hang of it, so be sure to be gentle with yourself. The tapping points are shown below.

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