Do you Trust Your Self?

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It’s  so easy to give away your power, to abdicate your choice to the ‘expert’ or authority. Yet, inside of each of us is the ultimate authority, your internal compass, your  inner wisdom.

Say for example, your moving through your day and stop to get a gallon of milk, at the grocery store there is a woman in a suit expounding on the virtues of a super juice that’s bound to make you healthier, your gut tells you “back away from the display”  yet the woman sounds so convincing, maybe your just being skeptical. You rationalize it’s only twenty bucks and maybe it will work.

What’s happened is you’ve effectively turned down the volume of your inner wisdom. We repeat this process over and over again and soon we don’t even hear the nudge from our gut anymore; and if we did we wouldn’t trust it anymore.

So when it comes to bigger choices like changing careers, taking a training program, choosing a mentor  it’s really hard, we’re not talking about $20 here or a bottle of sugar water, the stakes are higher both in terms of dreams and cost. So what do you do?

This comes up in many of my coaching calls clients just not sure how to trust themselves. What we work on is building the trust muscle with their inner wisdom.  It has become such a big issue that friend and colleague Max Wellspring has a whole program designed to address these issues on many levels. She says” In the face of a time when nothing is working like it did in the past, our desire to move into a space of “trust”…to trust our decisions…to trust our relationships…to trust ourselves…to trust a connection to a Universe that will support us…goes out like a fervent prayer.”

I find that in order to trust myself  I must filter the information I am receiving in my own unique way. For me that includes giving myself time to absorb and ‘feel’ what I am processing and how it fits in to my big picture(my primary processor is 6th chakra).

Understanding and allowing for this is critical, otherwise  I can end feeling slow or wrong  for not acting quickly or jumping on a band wagon.  I’ll bet more that once you have felt the same way.  Have you ever stopped to think about how you process information?

I encourage you to trust yourself to process the information in the way that suits you and not let someone else dictate how you make a decision that is entirely yours to make.

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