Decision Archetypes: To Choose or Not to Choose

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We are all faced with hundreds of choices each day, yet there are some that just get under our skin. You know the decision that feels so big or important that you find yourself questioning everything about it. Then just when you think you’ve got it down 3 more possibilities pop into your head and your back at square one.

Making a major decision triggers 3 things in the subconscious: the fear of the unknown, loss of control, and unworthiness. This shows up differently for each of us both in intensity and the actual way that it feels. Everyone has a hot spot that triggers their decision archetype more intensely, be it relationships, finances, or business.

There are 5 major decision archetypes. Most of have a blend of types depending on the situation and a highly charged situation will activate the primary archetype. Here are the core mindset, thought patterns and choice set points.


Mindset: choosing is overwhelming

Thinks: I just can’t make up my mind.;  Why is this happening to me?;  I just don’t know.

The choice is not to choose



Mindset: speed = success

Thinks: Just get it over with already.;     Never mind over thinking it.:     Move on.

The choice is made fast without full exploration.



Mindset: change is scary

Thinks: The devil you know is better than the one you don’t.;     I’ll stick with what I know.;     Don’t disrupt the apple cart.

The choice is the familiar, no change.



Mindset: conforming gives up all freedom

Thinks: I’m not following the crowd;     No one tells me what to do.;     I’ll do my own thing; don’t tell me what to do.

The choice is whatever is different, regardless of what they really want.


To change it’s important to interrupt the pattern. Each of our bodies contains its own set of energetic vortexes, lines and points that facilitate communication between the mind and body. This communication gets disrupted, sometimes completely disconnected, and we lose the fullness of our inherent well-being. It is difficult to access your best decision making ability with this disconnection.

Using tools to tune in to body’s subtle energy system to interrupt the long-standing patterns of neurotransmissions that we’ve established creates a pattern interrupt, allowing you to see things from a different perspective and choose differently. When you’re faced with a choice, deciding which path to take triggers your decision archetype, because the mind likes to categorize you go to what is familiar.   Energy work like chakra cleansing, EFT, conscious connection, can  create new neuro-pathways for decision making. This allows you to disconnect from the emotional baggage you may have around making a decision and change in general. The result is a more balanced, worry-free decision making process that allows you to be open to opportunity and the many possibilities that life offers.


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