Choices Guided Visualization

Choices Guided Visualization


Sometimes making a choice can be hard. It can stop you in your tracks, sidetrack you, and frustrate you.

Clearing out the mental chatter can be tough. Here is one of my favorite tools to help me move forward.



Here’s a road map to move through a decision:

1 – Get clear – determine what you really want. What is the outcome your reaching for.

2 – Identify what’s in your way – find the things that are blocking you. What are you resisting? Take a look at thought patterns, beliefs, your environment, your relationships,

3 – Set your intention – given what you know right now what do you want. Write it down, acknowledge any fear that pops up, look for positive examples of others who made  similar choices.

4 – Be mindful –  watch your monkey mind, be open to possibility, be patient, rest in your certainty, take small consistent steps and acknowledge them.

The visualization below can help you move through the stages of choosing:
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If you are wanting something more specific to you and your situation you can get a personalized guided visualization  click here


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