Chakra Archetype Energy Profile Kit

Discover the Power in Your Chakras – learn to use this energy to make your life easier

One of the constants in life is change. It’s something you eagerly anticipate at times while other times it’s scary, overwhelming, and challenging. Knowing your unique set of strengths, weaknesses, and perspectives creates the ability to find the ‘sweet spot’ in each situation.

Here are some of the benefits of tapping into your Chakra Archetype

  • Make critical decisions with less stress and worry
  • Move quickly toward your goals and dreams
  • Improve your communication, so you feel heard and understood
  • Shift the way you perceive things creating a feeling of ease and clarity
  • Know why you’re attracted to certain people and how to connect with others
  • Spend more time doing what you enjoy doing for work & play ……..and  much more
  Cathy, I have really appreciated and gotten something from every bit of your chakra profiles. It seems they strike just the right chord at the right time. It’s helpful to be aware of the potential that exists for yourself. We are definitely in a period of rapid evolution of humankind, so the type of help and information you are putting out there serves as a valuable guide for people like me trying to work with my own energy and evolution for the purpose of better helping others.Thanks again!

Here is a sample of what you’ll learn:

  1. Strengths – what areas should you enhance and draw on for support
  2. Weaknesses – what areas should you watch out for to keep from self-sabotage
  3. Money style – how do you view  and interact with money and how to maximize your potential
  4. Career options – what areas are a natural fit  for you and how to use your natural strengths to create a fulfilling career
  5. Chakra overview – colors, sounds, physical associations, emotional ties
  6. Differences in front and back chakra energy – the energy is different on each side and how to use it
  7. Cleansing meditation – to help you move the energy and enhance your life  experiences



Dear Cathy,
Thank you for your wonderful program. I am now beginning to do the meditations and read your reports; I have been noticing a generally better mood after only 3 days! I am looking forward to this practice, cleansing my chakras is definitely the next step for me. With love and light, Brianna
With love and light, Brianna

The Chakra Archetype Package  Includes:

  • A comprehensive online Chakra Archetype Profile assessment to uncover your primary chakra archetype

  • A 5 – 8 page playbook for each of the 11 Archetypes in an easily downloadable e-book

  • Energetic clearing and enhancing practices 

  •  Chakra cleansing meditation for each on body chakra in downloadable mp3 format 

  • Practical everyday applications for each archetype

  • A full Chakra clearing meditation 


Discover Your Chakra Archetype Energy Profile

…..and how you can tap into the power of your energy to improve your life


Get to know how your primary, secondary, and your dormant Chakra Archetype Energy Profile and find out how they are impacting you

Most of all how to improve your energetic flow to make life easier for you.

The Chakra Archetype Assessment, E book and Meditation kit is  $27