Chakra Chart

Welcome! There is a wealth of information in your Chakras, you can use the  power of your own energy to support you in so many different ways. 

One of the first thing you can do is tap into is  your primary Chakra Archetype  it can show you where your strengths and weaknesses are and help you navigate through change with more ease (if you’re brand new to chakras check out this free resource

The easiest way to get a preliminary fit for your primary Chakra Archetype is to read through the core words in the chart below to see which one resonates most strongly for you.

The more in depth way is to take the assessment, there is a link to that at the bottom of the page.

Chakra Archetypes

Chakra Archetype Grid  download

Energy Profile



Core Words


Hero (manifester, mother, negative: victim)

1st Root


Safety, security, grounded, support, tribe, practical

The focus here is keeping life vibrant and sustainable.

Goddess (feeler, emperor, artist, empress, negative: martyr)

2nd Sacral

Lower Abdomen

Creativity, birthing, emotion, pleasure, abundance, experiential

The focus here is on worthiness and pleasure.

Warrior (thinker, lion, conductor, negative: servant)

3rd Solar Plexus

Just Below Sternum

Self-empowerment, choice, self- confidence, authenticity, personal identity

The focus here is on duality with self and others, inner strength, and self worth.

Altruist (lover, healer, negative: actor/actress)

4th Heart

Center of Chest

Love, trust, compassion, faith, inspiration

The focus here is on love in all its forms.

Oracle (communicator, teacher, mentor, musician, negative: silent child)

5th Throat

Center of Neck

Communication, speaking, listening, truth, vibration

The focus here is expressing individual truth.

Mystic (visionary, seer, strategist)

6th Third Eye

Between the Eyebrows

Vision, psychic, intuition, big picture, wisdom

The focus here is on insight and wisdom, especially in regard to the big picture.

Spiritualist (guru, bishop, negative: egotist)

7th Crown

Top of the Head

Connection, oneness, spiritual

The focus here is on connecting divinity to everyday life.

Sage (shaman, time traveler, explorer)

8th Spatial

12 Inches Above the Head

Timing, power, bridge, heart-of-the- matter

The focus here is on bridging the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Unifier (soul, idealist, harmonizer)

9th Soul

18 – 24 Inches Above the Head

Unity, humanity, advocate, harmony, equality

The focus here is on creation and change in accordance to soul purpose.

Mother Earth (naturalist, environmentalist, grounded)

10th Grounding

12 – 48 Inches Below Feet

Elemental, nature, earth, animal

The focus here is on the connection with nature and all of her bounty.

Alchemist (magician, miracle worker, commander, general)

11th Etheric

48 Inches Below the Body, as well as the Palms of the Hands and the Soles of the Feet

Miracles, transmutation, invisible forces, power, change agent

The focus here is on transmuting energy, the act of complete transformation with little to no waste.

Chakra  Archetype Mastery course includes  an in depth archetype assessment, full descriptions of each of the 11 chakras, practices to clear your energy and to boost your chakras, and a clearing meditaion.

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