Can You Rewrite Your Story?

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Can You Rewrite Your Money Story_

It’s woven into the tapestry of all that we do, it’s in the equation when we try a new hobby or class, it influences our choice of career and jobs, it’s stirred into the recipe of what we eat, it’s tangled up in our self worth, and though we don’t like to admit it it’s enmeshed in our relationships too.

The common denominator here, simple and paradoxically complex, is the bartering tool we call money. It informs so many of our choices and colors so many of our decisions yet it’s shrouded in secrecy.

There is a practical need for checks and balances -a basket of my tomatoes in exchange for a basket of your corn. If only it were that easy. Our society has moved into much more complex transactions.

If we scratch beneath the surface a little you come up with subconscious beliefs, limitations, and judgments all of which impact our lives and remain hidden sometimes very well hidden.

Have you ever received a sudden windfall only to have an unexpected expense pop up shortly afterwards? There is the feast/famine pattern that keeps the scales heavily tilted one way or another again and again. Or the story about ‘people like me’ don’t have that kind of success. The most common story is a variation of ‘it’s better to give than to receive’.

13382788_mAll of these scenarios have a story behind them one that’s uniquely yours and there are also common patterns. The only way to shift the pattern is to uncover it and change it. One of my favorite ways to do that is to play pen pal. (I know I’m dating myself) For more ides join the 10 day challenge here

The idea is to create a dialogue between you and money. Of course you’re writing both sides(it would be very interesting if that twenty in your wallet penned a response)



Give yourself the gift of some time to play with this. Take each of the prompts below and write first from your perspective of money then moneys response to you. Be a little playful at first and let it flow. What comes out may surprise you.



If my money were a person I would tell her……

Dear Debt, I want you to know…..


Example Excerpts:

Dear Money. Why are you so fickle? You’re totally there for me one minute and completely gone the next. Sometimes you’re friendly and like to snuggle into my wallet …..


Dear Cathy, What me fickle!! Ha You pay attention to me when I’m not around yet when I am you barely give me the time of day. No respect!….

For more ideas join us for the 10 day Money Mojo Challenge

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