Building Your Courage Muscle

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Sumstones faithmer is coming to a close. Labor day next weekend here in the US marks the unofficial end of summer.  I find myself thinking of  warm sweaters and fall foliage but here in Santa Cruz the best weather is just beginning and I’m more likely to be grabbing shorts and a tank top than a thick fall sweater.
Some  habits are hard to break, like looking at September as a new start. All those  years spent getting ready to go back to school as a kid and then as a parent has me assessing where I am and what changes I want to embrace.

The first day of  school was always  scary for me new teacher, new kids, did I wear the right outfit, would I fit in, what if the classes were too hard. The night before I tossed and turned, playing out different scenarios in my mind.

Change can stir up fear like nothing else. The uncertainty of not knowing has your mind cooking up all sorts of things. Yet in truth the only certain thing is that things will change. Especially now the  energetic  climate is ripe with the winds of change.

You may have a slow burn of dissatisfaction, quick intense flashes of “Hell No”, or the unsettled feeling that something just is off. And it is. You’re not  crazy, not imagining it, no indeed it’s very real. Yet the  fear of  what may come has you standing still, or back pedaling with the wild ‘what if scenarios’ .

Just like you started third  grade after second moving forward into a new ‘grade’ in your life is a natural progression of  growth and expansion. We all feel fear. It shows up and instead of acknowledging it we try to bury it.
It’s okay to be  afraid…to ask someone to hold your hand….to listen to you vent….to pause and check in with your self… cry… feel what you need to feel. And it’s also okay to move forward even if your still afraid.

I would never have  moved past the first grade, my fear of Miss Hadley the second grade teacher had me quaking in my boots, so did moving across the country by myself. But I did it anyway and so can you. Building your courage muscle as you go.
Share something that you built your courage muscle with and moved forward despite fear in the comment section below.

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