Big Changes, Transformations, and Midlife Crisis (part 1 of 2)

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Change is such a chameleon. Sometimes we embrace it with open arms, other times we greet it kicking and screaming , and sometimes we simply turn and run.A friend recently asked me what my process was for making all of the big changes in my life the past couple of years. (For those who are newer here I left everything I knew moved 3,000 miles to a city where I knew no one, split with my husband of 26 years, re-branded my business, began traveling internationally)


As I pondered for a moment it occurred to me that I hadn’t really thought about the actual process.


I remember being immersed in each shift and doing my best to respond to what was right in front of me, yet clearly there was a pattern, certain things that underpinned the changes and transformation.


Transformation, not only have I lived it, but it’s what my work is all about. I told her I wanted to give it the honor of some dedicated time and thought and would report back to her.


Change is such a chameleon. Sometimes we embrace it with open arms, other times we greet it kicking and screaming, and sometimes we simply turn and run. Most often it’s a combination excited but a little nervous, scared and a little curious, resistance with some acceptance.


rp_leaf-water-150x150.jpgParadoxically change is a constant in our lives. Understanding it and how you respond to it is an important skill.


So much of transformation is underneath the surface. Swirling in the muck of indecision and emotion is the heavy lifting. We want to be certain. We want to KNOW what the right choice is. The big emotions are hard to navigate which only adds to the uncertainty.


This is only amplified at midlife when we’re beginning to look at time in the bigger picture of meaning and legacy. The pull to contribute in a more meaningful, personal way (if we could just figure out what that was) is getting stronger.

Stay tuned for part 2 where we’ll explore desire, connection, and community and 3 tips for easing the way.

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