Are You Telling the Truth About What is?

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I recently finished a great book, (easy quick read) The Power of  TED by David Emerald. There is a quote in it ” What determines your destiny is not the hand you are dealt but how you play the hand. And the way to play the hand is to see reality for what it is and to act accordingly”.

At first blush it seems like a take off the rose colored glasses type of statement,(I am quite fond of mine thank you very much) it’s only when you look a little deeper that it is apparent that this is about personal truth. It’s about what you feel called to express and how you chose to do so. Because reality is highly personal, what I see as nirvana; say a hot sunny day at the beach is someone elses nemesis.

So, looking at ‘your hand’ through the lens of what you are creating takes on a new meaning. Others can try to define it for you, if you let them, yet nothing fits like your own unique view. What is the truth of your reality? How are you shaping your destiny? What part of your hand can you look at through a different lens and then act from your inspired soul? Is your energy lined up? or is it scattered and ineffective? Are you fully utilizing your 7 Centers of Influence?

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