Are You a Ghost in Your Own Life?

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rp_seashell-150x150.jpgWhat if – We broke through midlife invisibility?

Research shows – The overwhelming majority of women over 50 feel invisible. That’s about 35 million women who, to varying degrees, feel they are not being seen, heard, or valued. (and you thought you were alone)

There are a number of societal factors that feed this and a multitude of internal factors. Women are generally care takers. We take care of family, friends, co-workers, and struggle to take the time for self care.

Our needs and wants so often get put on the back burner and forgotten that we become ghosts in our own life.

Amidst common midlife changes in appearance, health, and well being, we are also likely to encounter major changes such as career shifts, divorce, death of a loved one, empty nests, and aging parents.

Those needs and wants that we’ve put on the back burner feel even further away and, paradoxically, even more urgent. Mix in a large cup of uncertainty ‘What do I really want/need’ and ‘How do I even go about getting it’ , stir with a vocal inner critic, and you have a perfect recipe for staying invisible.

Midlife is also a time when the search for personal fulfillment, spiritual connection, expression of soul purpose, and pursuit of happiness becomes a yearning.

We want to be heard.


We want to contribute.


We want to make a difference.


And we want to be happy.


How do we step out from the shadows and live the life we dream of?


1.) Each day take 3-5 minutes and imagine the life you dream of – Where are you? Who is with you? How do you feel? What are you doing?

2.) Schedule a date with yourself. Block out at least 2 hours to do something YOU want to do, purely what you want, no one else, and keep the date no matter what – just like you would if you were picking your child up at the airport (go ahead do it now).

These actions are a strong signal to yourself that you are important and your dreams are intended to be realized. Small consistent steps create lasting change.

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