The Heart of Giving

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With the holidays upon us there are  increased demands on our time, energy, and pocketbook. It can become overwhelming resulting in short tempers and slipping into default mode of what is expected of me. There is a disconnect from your true north and the things that really matter to you.

When giving becomes a chore, a should, a ‘have to’ , it drains the joy out of giving.   The true spirit of giving comes from a full heart. It’s harder to access that if your feeling tired, drained, and unappreciated. It’s a good time  to take a minute and connect with your heart. Move some energy to recharge and refill your cup so you can enjoy the holidays in a way that feels good to you.  Here’s a quick  way to connect below. (and really a minute does make a difference but you can do it longer if you want 🙂 )

  • Close your eyes, put your hand to your chest.
  • Take a deep breath directing the breath to your heart, allow the breath to fill your heart
  • On the exhale imagine water washing away all the grit….tension, stress,
  • With each inhale imagine love, compassion, peace, energy whatever feels depleted to flow into your heart from the breath and from your hand.
  • Each exhale washes away  as above.

Connecting with your heart is a beautiful way to stay grounded in your truth and keep your energy flowing. Hoping you have a joy filled holiday.


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